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Activities under National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) Schemes

The objective of this scheme is to provide necessary stocking material like fish fingerling to the big water body @ 2000/ha. So far three no. of big water bodies namely, Dharala Nadir Chhara (Nakkati Beel) under Sakdal PFCS Ltd. Dinhata-I Dev. Block and another two under at Dinhata-II Dev. Block namely, Nayar Chhara under Sahebganj PFCS Ltd. and Kashiar Chhara under Bamanhat PFCS Ltd. benefited under this scheme. After stocking the Know how technology by means of training were provided to the respective members of the society as per NFDB guidelines.

Activities under Rastriya Krishi Vikash Yojna (RKVY) Scheme

RKVY- 2008-09
Under the RKVY Scheme 2008-09 two no. of hatchery was modified to breed the endanger fishes. This was implemented in Gadadhar Fish Production Group under Tufanganj-I Block and Kalakata Fish Production Group at Kalakata under Dinhata-I Dev. Block.

RKVY- 2009-10
Under the RKVY Scheme 2008-09 one unit for construction of Block level lab-cum-training Centre was sanctioned and it was implemented in Dinhata-I Dev. Block.

RKVY- 2010-11
Under the RKVY Scheme 2010-11 several projects were undertaken by the District, out of which the cultural schemes are Cage Culture (2 unit), Intensive Culture of Chital (9 unit) and Culture of Paku (2 unit); Infrastructure and other projects like Construction of a new Hatchery (1 unit), supply of Fiber Paddle Boat (2 unit) are also implemented.
Cage culture
1) Satmile Matshyajibi Samabay Samity Ltd. ,Vill: Chhat Elajaner Kuthi, P.O: Alajanerkuthi, Block:Cooch Behar-I.
2) Nakarkhana F.C.S Ltd., Vill & P.O: Nakarkhana, Block: Tufanganj-II.
Brood Stock management Paku
1) Matalhat FPG,Vill:-Bhalka, P.O.: Matalhat, Dinhata-I Dev. Block.
2) Maruganj FPG, Vill. & P.O.: Maruganj, Tufanganj-I Dev. Block.
Paddle Boat
1) Gitaldaha Anchalik PFCS Ltd., Block: Dinhata-II.
2) Rakhalmari PFCS Ltd., Block: Dinhata-II.
Semi intensive culture of Chital
1) Arampur FCS Ltd., P.O: Balaierhat, Block: Tufanganj-I.
2) Horibolhat Janapriya Mahila Gosthi, Vill.- Petla Adabari, P.O.- Kismat Adabari, Block: Sitai.
3) Rampur Anchal FCS Ltd., P.O: Rampur, Block: Tufanganj-II.
4) Guriahati FPG, Block: Cooch Behar-I.
5) Ankur Swaimbhar Gosthi, Vill & P.O: Hatiduba, Block: Cooch Behar-II.
6) Bamanhat FPG, Vill & P.O: Bamanhat, Block: Dinhata-II.
7) Ashokbari FCS Ltd., Vill & P.O:Ashokbari, Block: Mathabhanga-I.
8) Nishiganj FCS Ltd., P.O: Nishiganj, Block: Mathabhanga-II.
9) Balasi Yuba Sangrami Swaimbhar Gosthi, Vill: Dari bosh Fulbari, P.O: Singimari, Block: Mathabhanga-II.

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Cage Culture under RKVY, 2010-11 at NakarKhana Beel
under Tufanganj-II Development Block, Cooch Behar

RKVY- 2011-12
Under the RKVY Scheme 2011-12 a number of different types of projects were assigned to the District which includes:-

1) Culture of Indigenous small fish in back yard ponds.
2) Development of integrated fishery for A category PFCS ltd.
3) Seed Mahotsav on Wet Land Day/Fish farmersí day, distribution of endangered along IMC fish seed.
4) Pisciculture with local indigenous species in North Bengal.
5) Project proposal for Matshyajan (Mobile insulated fish vending unit)
6) Liberation of Fish fingerlings in the ponds excavated under MGNREGS.
7) Distribution of Hygienic insulated box to fish venders/collectors.
8) Construction and Commissioning of Lab- Cum- Training Centre.
9) Training on Inland Fish Farming to District level beneficiaries/Fish farming Communities.
10) Imparting training on Inland Fish Farming to Block level beneficiaries/ Fish Farming communities.

       Construction for Block Level Lab-cum-Training was carried out in Tufanganj-I, Coochbehar-I &II, Dinhata-II, Sitalkuchi and Mathabhanga-I & II Dev. Block and all are in the verge of completion. Training component is completed and selection of beneficiary for the other RKVY schemes 2011-12 is under progress.

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Construction ......

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