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Catching Fish at Chaitarchhara, Sahebganj, Dinhata-II Dev. Block

'Chital' Fish sampling under RKVY, 2010-11 Scheme

'Chital' Fish Sampling

'Chital' Fish Seed stocking at Arampur PFCS Ltd. under RKVY 2010-11

'Chital' Fish Treatment before stocking

Treatment of 'Chital' Fish Seeds (red coloured water)

'Chital' Fish Seed Stocking under RKVY, 2010-11

Releasing the 'Chital' Fish Seed in pond of Ankur SHG at Baneswar

Live Fish stocking (different types) as feed for 'Chital'

Stocking of 'Paccu' in cages at Nakarkhana PFCS Ltd. under RKVY, 10-11

Live 'Talapia' Fish feed for 'Chital'

Aerator and other inputs supplied under RKVY, 2010-11

A. morula (Mourala Moa) - variety1
A. morula (Mourala Moa) - variety2
Barilius spp. (Boroli)
Barilius spp. (Boroli)
Barilius spp. (Boroli)
Batasia spp. (Batasi / Tinkanta)
Batasia spp. (Batasi)
Chanda nama (Chanda) - variety1
Chanda ranga (Chanda) - variety2
Chitala chitala seed (Chital) produced by Gadadhar Fish Seed Farm, Tufanganj under RKVY, 2008-09
Chitala chitala (Chital)
Chitala chitala (Chital)
Collisa fasciata (Khalisha) - variety1
Collisa fasciata (Khalisha) - variety2
Collisa lalia (Khalisha)
L. guntia (Gota)
M. armatus (Bum)
Nandus nandus (Bheda)
Paccu produced under RKVY, 2010-11 by Matalhat Fish Production Group, Dinhata
Puntius spp. (Puti)
Puntius spp. (Puti)
Puntius ticto (Puti)
Trash Fish (Darikana)
Fish (Pathar-chata) - variety1
Fish - variety2
Fish seed (Pangus) - variety3
Fish - variety4
Collection of Pituitary Gland of fish for breeding
Collection of Pituitary Gland from fish by trainees
Collection of Pituitary Gland from fish
Gadadhar Fish Seed Farm, Tufanganj
Treatment of Fish Seed Hatchery
Fish Seed Transportation from Tufanganj Hatchery
Induced Breeding of 'Catla'
Ovaprim Injection for breeding
Diseased Fish-1
Diseased Fish-2
Cage Culture under RKVY, 2010-11 at Chadga Beel, Nakarkhana, Tufanganj
Fishing Craft
A Fish Houl ... see them jumping at a progressive Fish Farmer Pond at Balarampur, Tufanganj

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