Need based Software Development and technical support to Govt. departments are the main activities of NIC, Cooch Behar.

Our objectives can be summarised as follows :~

  • Develop necessary databases in various sectors of the economy for planning and decision making at Cooch Behar district.

  • Promote informatics culture at Cooch Behar through appropriate training programmes & software implementations.

  • Improve the analysis capacity and presentation of statistics utilised for State-level, Regional and District Planning.

  • Furnish network (internet) connection to different departments and assist in implementing E-governance as well as online reporting portrayed in various portals.

  • Promote macro to micro linkage systems like e-mail provision and video conferencing.

A brief information about some of the different ICT projects implemented at Cooch Behar is narrated as follows :~  

1)      Computerisation of Election Process
NIC Centre has developed/ implemented the following useful softwares for electing process (Parliament, State Assembly, Panchayat and Municipality Elections) :~

i)        Polling Party Formation and Booth Allotment System – This software randomly generates the polling parties as per criteria and allots booths to them.  

ii)      Tabulation & Reporting System – This system aids in counting votes and declaring round-wise as well as final results.  

iii)    Transmission of Results – This is an web application developed for the purpose of transmitting electoral results with utmost security.  

2)      National & State  Level Projects  and   application-specific services  

i)        Land Record Computerisation (Bhumi) – GUI based Land Record Software (Bhumi) developed by NIC has been installed in DL&LR Office and all BL&LR Offices of Cooch Behar for issuing copies of dagh and khatiyan to the landholders. The system facilitates on-line mutation and speedy disposal of cases which has led to maintaining an up-to-date status of the land records/plots. The data is kept in District Data Centre.  

ii)      Land Acquisation Information System (LAIS) – For the payment of compensation to the persons affected, the manual procedure wherein preparation of estimate, land schedules, calculation, award preparation, payment notice and other activities are concerned, there used to be  tremendous delay in payment which resulted in a huge amount of interest payable on compensation. The LAIS software has accelerated the disposal of the Land Acquisition cases and thus benefited the Government as well as the Citizens.  

iii)    Computerisation of Salary Accounts (COSA) – This is a payroll package used for preparation of pay bills, schedules and annexure as per DDO’s requirement for generating the salary bills. COSA has been implemented at Sub-division as well as Block level covering 52 DDOs at present.  

iv)   Post Matric Scholarship Monitoring Systen to SC/ST students for Backward Welfare Office – The post matric scholarship scheme provides financial assistance to the SC & ST students studying at post matric or post secondary stage so as to enable them to complete their education. Before 1990-91, the disbursement of scholarship was made through respective institution. Afterwards the scheme of payment of this scholarship to eligible candidates through banks via Backward Class Welfare Department was started. With the help of this system the user department benefited a lot.  

v)     Computerisation of Registered Documents (CORD) – CORD provides citizen centric services like registration of properties, documents, delivery of certified copies of registered documents, searching for ownership of a property among many others. This software package has been implemented in all Registrar Offices (Registration Department) of Cooch Behar . The State IT Department has taken up computerization of Sub-Registrar Offices under Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model. The software takes thumb impression and photographs of both parties apart from other details of the documents. The Stamp duties, registration fees, market value assessment, delivery of deed document, etc are generated automatically using this software.  

vi)   Consumers Forum Network (CONFONET) – Confonet provides transparency and efficiency in day-to-day activities at Consumer Redressal Forum. NIC Cooch Behar has provided support throughout the inception of the system.  

vii) Integrated Information System for Food Management (IISFM) – IISFM project is web based Integrated Management Information System for Food Corporation of India . It captures complete information of FCI deport, its district Office and reconcile the stock figures. Two modules of the System, namely – Deport Information System and District Information System have been successfully implemented.  

viii)     AGMARKNET – Agmarknet has been implemented in 7 RMCs (Regulated Market Committee) of Cooch Behar which provide information pertaining to agricultural sector like daily market rates of agricultural commodities, market trends/ schemes, etc.  

ix)    Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) – This is a national project for managing and monitoring various activities of police stations. It executes functionaries like daily station diary, registration, investigation, prosecution etc. Three Police Stations have been identified for implementation of CIPA software package. Soon it will be installed after site preparation is complete in other stations. The software provides efficient ways of organizing crime records and generating queries and reports.  

x)      Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) – This IDSP has been successfully implemented in the district. The project is supported with the latest hardware & software. It is used for aiding the Medical Officer in collecting, compiling and storing data for future reference.  

xi)    Soil Test based Fertiliser Recommendation System (STFRS) – The objective of the project is soil survey in soil testing labs on the basis of which use of fertilizer can be recommended. It provides soil health card on the basis of testing the soil samples.  

xii)  Fertiliser Control & Management System (FCMS) – Principal Agricultural Office & Sub-Div Office for entry of authorization & renewal of fertilizer manufacturers and dealers s/w should be used for online fertilizer registration.  

3)      Service to Departments
In addition, NIC Cooch Behar has extended co-operation to the following departments  :  

i)        Zilla Parishad & District Rural Development Cell – Some significant projects implemented by us include Self-help group monitoring, PMGSY,SGSY,IAY etc scheme web reporting. Support District panchayat section to implement GPMS, IFMAS, Rural Household Survey etc. s/w.  Implemented PROFLAL project monitoring system in all Panchayat Samity . Now it go to private vendor for data entry.  

ii)      Police - Some significant projects implemented by us include Police station Morning Report, Missing Persons Information System. Web monitoring system of missing child for Govt. Blind School , Bandana Smriti Awas.  

iii)    Library – We provide support to the State Library to automate the library system. At present Catalogue Creating Process is under implementation.  

iv)   Other significant supports implemented by us include NREGA, MPLADS, etc.  

v)     We also provide training to departments regarding basic computer awareness as well as for implementation of any specific software.  

vi)   NIC Cooch Behar Dist. Centre not only supports the Government machinery, but also the people from other walks of life who had the occasion of seeking NIC assistance. Several unexplored areas however, still pose new challenges.  

4)      NET  Services
NIC Cooch Behar has its own dedicated VSAT and dedicated 2MBps Leased Line for Internet connectivity. ZP is connected with NIC through RF link.  

i)                    NICNET Connectivity (Internet / E-mail facilities) – NIC has extended internet connectivity to different sections of the district administration through LAN. We also offer NICNET facility through dialup to other departments even at Block level. We offer e-mail services and even allocate e-mail IDs to concerned Officers. User departments have been trained to use e-mail operation, internet browsing, web reporting for implementing e-governance.  

ii)                  District Website (www. ) – We have developed the district website containing data of different kinds and to facilitate creating online identity of the district.  

iii)                Video Conference & Data Communication Service – VC facility has been established very recently at NIC Cooch Behar Centre through 2 MBps Leased Line. Soon it will be shifted through OFC STM-1 155 MBps Line. Other departments like Head Post Office id connected through NIC’s lease line. This line is available 24 hours since recent.

The Cooch Behar District Centre has come a long way since its inception. Numerous Projects were executed by NIC to extend computer support to a host of departments . . . many of which are not running at present. Few of them are as follows :-

i)     For the District Magistrate’s Office like :











k.        7th All India School Education Survey  

 ii)      For the Treasury Section :    PENSION MONITORING SYSTEM  along with all relevant work after Pay Commission recommendation were published.  

iii)    For Regional Transport Office : PVDLIVE SOFTWARE  

iv)     For Assistant Registrar Co-operative Society (ARCS) : BDPMS SOFTWARE  

v)       For Commercial Tax Office : CHECKPOST PROJECT  

vi)   For District Rural Development Authority/ Cell :

vii) For Chief Medical Office Health (CMOH) :
Target Free Approach for Family Welfare

viii)  For Central Excise Department : BUDGET Report Capturing  

ix)    Other Departments paid attention to are :

1.      District Industry Centre (DIC), COOCH BEHAR for NWDPRA ,PMRY, DIC s/w

2.      DISTRICT COURT for DCIS s/w

3.      D.I. OF SCHOOL for School Information Monitoring System

4.      W.B.S.E.B for Electric Bill generation.

Since its inception in the District Administrative Setup, NIC Cooch Behar Centre has been through ups & downs or better to say has traversed various kinds of cataracts meeting user demands in setting up good IT solutions in Cooch Behar. Whatever been the progress which is surely not enough compared to the wide range of the district, there is much more to explore and still strive for solving most of the possible requirements while rendering good ICT services throughout. We are optimist enough in spite of a slow but steady growth of IT awareness in Cooch Behar with much future capabilities and always ready to chalk out solutions for any concerned sector and hope for the best. For aiding in building a qualitative IT environment in Cooch Behar, feel free to contact us at 03582-223019 (Phone no.) or at (e-mail) and the rest would be solved by active co-operation.

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