~ Horticulture ~



1. Mango 420 ha 4301.0 MT
2. Banana 900 ha 22500.0 MT
3. Citrus 122 ha 549.0 MT
4. Guava 70 ha 350.0 MT
5. Litchi 65 ha 520.0 MT
6. Pineapple 280 ha 7840.0 MT
7. Jackfruit 720 ha 14,450.0 MT
8. Other fruit crops 130 ha 520.0 MT


1. Rose 2 ha 2 lakhs bunds
2. Jasmine 0.5 ha 0.4 MT
3. Tube rose 2.0 ha 2.45 MT
4. Gladiolas 2.0 ha 2.6 MT
5. Other seasonal flowers 5 ha 6 MT


Plantation crops and others
1. Coconut 440 ha 70.0 lakh nut
2. Areca nut 920 ha 1840 MT
3. Betel vine 90 ha 45,900 MT


1. Turmeric 550 ha 4125 MT
2. Zinger 500 ha 4125 MT
3. Coriander 100 ha 300 MT
4. Black cumin 20 ha 70 MT


1. Winter vegetables 35000 ha 66,5000 MT
2. Summer vegetables 7000 ha 73,500 MT
3. Kharif vegetables 8200 ha 98,400 MT

     From the above it is found that the main fruits crops like Banana, Jackfruit,  Areca nut etc. are grown in Cooch Behar District. Pineapple is decreasing in its area due to imposition of agricultural income tax on its cultivation. Previously best quality pineapple was grown in Cooch Behar District, which was highly productive.

     In this district immense prospect of cultivation of fruits crops like Banana, Jackfruits and pineapple envisages good motivation and ensure supply of seedlings etc. to farmers which may enhance the area of the above fruit crops greatly.

     Presently the produce of the above fruit crops are marketed locally. On future production, produce may be exported to the neighboring states like Assam, Bihar and Bangladesh. Some food-processing units may be set up to encourage the production of Banana, Jackfruit and Pineapple etc.

     Before setting up of processing units farmers are to be motivated to increase the production of pineapple by extending areas. Some farmers are practicing bamboo cultivation in the pineapple areas in the manes of agril income tax imposed on pine apple cultivation and also the shortage of local laborers in pick operational stage of cultivation. It may be revoked to revive the farmers in their old pineapple cultivation.

     The soil status of Cooch Behar inherently possessed the capability to cause good shape and size of pine apple which is cylindrical mainly ‘Giavt-kew’, very mush suitable for food processing industries. By adopting scientific agronomic practices good quality pineapple in sufficient quantity may be done by restoring quality for export.

     The area has also great scope in cultivation of coconut and areca nut. Proper agronomic practice may also increase further production with extension of area. The district has also great scope for growing of plantation crops oil palm, rubber and spices like black paper, cinnamon etc. The climate and soil type are suitable for growing the spices and plantation crops. Inspire of immense scope for cultivation of above fruits plantations and spices crops the district is suffering for increasing the area and their production.

     This is due to the reasons of very low marketing facility, want of food processing industries and cold storage, without the cold storage facilities the perishable horticultural products are not possible to supply constantly to the food processing industries.

     Due to high rainfall and humid area of the district and diseased problem the king of fruit MANGO is not cultivated here successfully. Same is the case of other rest fruit crops. But in recent practice it is found that guava may be cultivated successfully if there is marketing and cold storage facilities.

     So in this district, cold storage, marketing facilities and food processing industries are to be developed to increase the area and production of fruit crops and the development of Horticulture.

     Vegetable like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Pointed gourd, Tomato, Radish, Ridge gourd are now produced in huge quantity mainly at Cooch Behar-I, Cooch Behar-II, Tufanganj sub-division, Haldibari as well as in all the blocks of this district. They are perishable produce, and so needs storing industries to check the loss of farmers and seasonal glut.

     Pineapple growing blocks are mainly Tufanganj-I, Tufanganj-II, Mathabhanga-I&II and Mekhlignaj. But the main area of pineapple is in Dhalpal of Tufanganj-I Block.
1.  Sadar-  225 ha
2.  Mathabhanga- 16 ha
3.  Dinhata – 8 ha
4.  Mekhliganj- 30 ha

The area of expenditure of conducting one day seminar in the premise of District FPI & Horticulture office, V Street, AT Co. Complex, Cooch Behar on 12/04/2001 sponsored by NHB, Calcutta.

Sl. No.

Particulars of expenditure Amount
1. Cleaning and sweeping of Hall and if required minor decoration Rs. 300.00
2. Public address system including VCP&VCR Rs. 500.00
3. Banner for training Hall and two no. out side the training hall Rs. 1,800.00
4. Refreshment cost for 50 farmers plus 15 nos. of guests Rs. 5,200.00


Training Materials like
   1 - Transparent file
   1 - Pad (Cover Printed)
   1 - Pen
Rs. 2,300.00


Honorarium to 5 lecturers @Rs. 250.00 Rs. 1,250.00

Total :  

Rs. 11,350.00