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~ Contents ~

# Govt. Offices

* D M Office
* Motor Vehicles
* Kalyan Bhavan
* Lal Bagh

# Head Post Office

# General Hospital
* Carmichael Ward

# Govt. Quarters

* Ananda Ashram
* Bhola Ashram
* Parijat Villa
* Circuit House I
# Defense
* Chilarai Barrack

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Heritage Buildings of Cooch Behar city

Colas of the Government Office campus around Sagar Dighi

Colas of the Government Office Campus around "Sagar Dighi"

~ Contents ~

# Educational Institute

* A B N Seal College
* Jenkins School
* Jenkins School Hostel

# Entertaining

* MJN Club
* Rani Bagan
# Others
* Victor Palace     extra

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3.  Other Spots in the Dist.
4.  Archeological Monuments
5.  Dooars in Jalpaiguri
6.  Kamkhya & Dhubri


Top to Contents               ~ Old District Magistrate's Office or Collectorate Building ~

View of DM Office from 'Sagar Dighi'

View of DM Office from lawn inside campus

View from "Sagar Dighi"

View from inside lawn of old DM office campus


Top to Contents     ~ Motor Vehicles ~

~ Moti Mahal or Kalyan Bhavan ~

View of Motor-Vehicles office from 'Sagar Dighi'

View of Moti Mahal - now Kalyan Bhavan

View from "Sagar Dighi"

View of Moti Mahal - now Kalyan Bhavan

Restored/Renovated in 1997 as Kalyan Bhavan. Accomodates the district offices of Backward Classes Welfare Department.


Top to Contents        ~ Lal Bagh~

~ Head Post Office ~

View of Lal Bagh

Head Post Office of Cooch Behar

View of Lal Bagh

View of Head Post Office (GPO)

Office of the CMOH Cooch Behar. Has a campus of more than 3 acres (behind Telephone Bhavan)


Top to Contents      ~ Carmichael Ward ~

~ Ananda Ashram ~

Carmichael Ward - now one of the units of MJN Hospital

Ananda Ashram - now Govt. residential house

View of Carmichael Ward - now MJN Hospital

View of Ananda Ashram

This heritage building is now one of the units of Maharaja Jitendra Narayan (MJN) Hospital. Presently under restoration & repair by the Government

Being used as residence of Dist. Level Officers. Presently residence of DSP (crime)


Top to Contents         ~ Bhola Ashram ~

~ Parijat Villa ~

Bhola Ashram - now Govt. Residential house

Parijat Villa - now Govt. Residential house

View of Bhola Ashram

View of Parijat Villa

Being used as residence of Dist. Level Officers. Presently residence of Executive Engineer (PWD)

Being used as residence of Dist. Level Officers. Presently residence of District Session Judge


Top to Contents       ~ Circuit House - I ~

~ Chilarai Barrack ~

Circuit House - now used as Govt. Guest House

Chilarai Barrack - now being used by the Indian Army

View of Circuit House - I

View of Chilarai Barrack

Being used as residence of Dist. Level Officers. Presently being used as Guest House of Government

This heritage building is being used by the Indian Army
(one battalion of Army is stationed in Cooch Behar)


Top to Contents                      ~ Acharya Brajendra Nath Seal (ABNS) College ~

ABNS College Gate

Acharya Brajendra Nath Seal College

View of ABNS College Gate

Entrance to ABNS College 

Established in the late 19th century, this college was earlier known as Victoria College


Top to Contents         ~ Jenkins School ~

~ Jenkins School Hostel ~

Entrance to Jenkins School

Hostel of Jenkins School

View of entrance to Jenkins School

View of Hostel of Jenkins school

Established in 1861, it continues to be a premier educational institute of the State

Hostel building of Jenkins School, also attached to the same campus is the College Hostel


Top to Contents         ~ MJN Club ~

~ Rani Bagan ~

MJN Club

Rani Bagan

View of Rani Bagan

‘Samadhi Sthal’ or crematory of the Royal family - now being restored as garden/children's park

View of Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan Club

More than 60 years old club; established by Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan. Still being used as a club; has a large campus with games & sports facilities like Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis, Billiards etc. 


Top to Contents                                                ~ Victor Palace ~

Victor Palace

A project of restoration of the building has been taken up by the district administration.


Top to Contents      | Hiranyagarbha Shiva Temple | Beauty of Sagar Dighi |

~ Hiranyagarbha Shiva Temple ~

Hiranyagarbha Shiva Temple

~ Patton Tank in memory of 1971 war ~

 Patton Tank abandoned after 1971 war

 Lying in front of District Library (behind the tank), in memory of  the 1971 war

Situated at the western side of Sagar Dighi. Inside the temple a ‘Shivalinga’ is installed. Constructed during the period of Maharaja Harendra Narayan




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