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   District Rural Development Cell, Cooch Behar
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
Department of Panchayat and Rural development (West Bengal)

       Situated beside Cooch Behar Municipality (Sagar Dighi campus) and Superintendent of Police Administrative Building, the District Rural Development Cell (DRDC) looks after the rural development of Cooch Behar. The office is headed by the Project Director. All types of rural income generation schemes, self-help group formation and activities monitoring and training along with financial assistance are provided by this office.

Project Director:

DRDC Building
 Postal Address of DRDC :-
   District Rural Development Cell (DRDC)
   Harendra Narayan Road,
   (Sagar Dighi South, beside Municipality)
   Cooch Behar - 736101

 Contact :-
   The Project Director, DRDC, Cooch Behar
   Phone : (03582) 222478
   Fax : (03582) 222478

Examples of Income Generation Activities implemented for Rural Development in Cooch Behar

Sitalpati weaving

Crafts out of Shola carving

Sheep Rearing

Poultry Rearing

Cloth weaving


Rural Female Groups

DRDC (District Rural Development Cell) is now giving more emphasis on Self Help Groups (SHGs) which has been found to be more feasible and acceptable in the rural areas of West Bengal because of its stress in community participation for removing poverty alleviation and social injustices. It is iterated that the Block and Panchayats should give more attention towards the formation of self-help groups and strengthening of the existing groups, i.e., DWCRA groups. It has been experienced that the groups are more susceptible to the elements of finance management then the individual. Further, seeing the huge number of families under operational list (BPL), the individual approach seems untenable vis--vis group approach.
  1. Female Groups - only for females
  2. Male Groups - only for males
  3. Mixed Groups - containing both male & females

District Rural Development Cell's Programmes
Sl.no. Details of Schemes/ Projects/ Services
Description of Scheme/Project : under construction...
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How to proceed or What to do? :            "
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