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Students of Cooch Behar among the meritorious ones in Madhyamik 2003

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Photo of Debajith Saha

obtained 779 marks out of 800

  His notable marks :
 Bengali 165/200
 English 91/100
 Mathematics 98/100
 Physical Science 95/100
 Life Science 91/100
 History 86/100
 Geography 96/100
 Additional 91/100

As per the Madhyamik results published by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, the second position of the merit-list is earned by Debajit Saha of Tufanganj Baxirhat High School. In exaltation Headmaster Sri. Badhan Aich and Biology teacher Sri. Biplab Chakraborty assert that even they did not expect such a brilliant result from usually shy boy like Debajith.

Congratulations ... you make us proud enough .... wish you the best in your future endeavours!


Photo of Sayak Sarkar

obtained 754 marks out of 800

Another student Sayak Sarkar of Haldibari High School has earned the prestige to be counted in the merit-list. As been asserted by the shy boy, Sayak had no prior expectation of being enlisted in the Madhyamik merit-list. But he wished a good result. He expected more high marks in History, Mathematics and Geography and would review the papers of the said subjects. He took Mechanics as his additional subject. There was no arrangement to teach Mechanics at school. Guided by his father and some school teachers, based on his self will-power he sat for the exam. Still he expected much more in Mechanics than what he received and he wishes to review that paper also. Sayak plans to take Science in High Secondary and would also sit for the Joint Entrance Exam. He had no permanent home-tutor, but regularly used to take lessons under Sri. Subodh Paul, retired teacher of Haldibari School.

Congratulations ... you make us proud enough .... wish you the best in your future endeavours!

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