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Cooch Behar - a place of historical heritage
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 Presenting a culturally rich and historical place of Cooch Behar.
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The Temple at the center of the campus

Raas Mela/Raas Festival     Raas Celebration

Situated in the heart of the Cooch Behar town. Constructed by Maharaja Nripendra Narayan during 1885 to 1889. The deities include Lord "Madan Mohan" , "Ma Kali" , "Ma Tara" and "Ma Bhavani". On the occasion of Rush Puja the traditional Rush Yatra Festival along with Rush Mela is held in Cooch Behar which is among the biggest festivals of North Bengal.

MaBhavani Temple on the eastern side
Glimpse of  temple campus from opposite side of pond
Gate to Bairagi Dighi in front of the temple

Lord MADAN  MOHAN Idol index
Lord Madan Mohan on the throne
Lord Madan Mohan (beautifully decorated)
Lord Madan Mohan (close-up view)
Lord Madan Mohan

Goddess MKALI Idol index
Goddess Ma Kali (close-up view)
Goddess Ma Kali (full view)

Goddess MBHAVANI Idol index
Goddess Ma Bhavani (close-up view)
Goddess Ma Bhavani (full view with throne)
Goddess MTARA Idol index
Goddess Ma Tara
Goddess Ma Tara (close-up view)
Visit the Official website of Debuttor Trust Board, Cooch Behar by clicking-here
( Located inside Baradebi Bari /Temple )
Idol index
Om Sri Sri Baradevayo namooh
idol of Goddess Baradebi

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